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Honey Shop
Social enterprise under the aegis of the NGO "GENERATION +"
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Honey Shop

Social enterprise under the aegis of the NGO "GENERATION +"
The team of socially responsible women. We care for a vulnerable part of the population — people of advancing age. Our goal is to support the ideas and desires for the active work of grandparents and create profitable businesses from their ideas.


Combine delicious with useful. Buying our products you not only enjoy delicious honey, but also help your grandparents feel needed. Goodness has taste.


Changing the notion that honey is only useful. Honey is also delicious, beautiful, and relevant. We offer a unique, well-known product made of natural honey, which you want to buy not only for its benefit, but also for its attractive appearance. We believe that only with love for nature, hard work and respect for professionals can create a truly masterpiece.

BeeThe's IDEA:

Vitaliy Hrytsenko
83 years old, beekeeper-inventor with 50 years of experience in beekeeping. Author of a unique analogue of biologically active supplements "Bioprotector+" and a wellness house like an apihouse.
Valeriy ta Mariya Zaytsevy
Beekeepers with an active life position in their 73 years.
76 years old, energetic beekeeper, open to experiments.
Rostyslav Shaposhnyk
Author's recipe from beekeepers with 50-years of experience
A tasty alternative to dietary supplements without preservatives
100% natural composition
of absolutely all ingredients
We are pleased to pleasantly surprise you with a variety of useful and tasty honey products and exquisite packaging!


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Alina Beltsevich
The products of Honey Shop pleasantly impressed me personally and my family with really high taste qualities, when you expect this from chocolate — it is truly Belgian, a wonderful combination of nuts, pollen, honey, and other benefits besides a fascination with harmonious taste makes it clear that this is almost the first time when between "tasty" and "useful" you confidently put an equal sign. It inspires deep respect for what inspired the authors of the products and "Honey Workshop" treat their work, in love with delicious and useful. Make sure it becomes love for you too.
Kateryna Slyusarenko
My post is a post of gratitude to the incredible girls from the BeeThe team!
These talented, persistent, restless ladies are members of the School of Social Entrepreneurship "Just Action" and the founder of the honey workshop BeeThe. The business idea of the honey workshop was developed and implemented while studying at the school "Just Action". The school was implemented within the public budget of Kryvyi Rih.

Today I received an extraordinary gift — a product of the honey workshop BeeThe! For me, these gifts are a double joy. First, joy and pride for the successful start of the workshop and our girls. Secondly, the joy of understanding that all our efforts (organizers, coaches and participants) are not in vain, the School has already borne its first fruits!
BeeThe Honey Workshop is a social enterprise, a team of socially responsible women who care for a vulnerable part of the population - people of respectable age - and produce products from natural honey (candy, Bioprotector, cosmetics).

As the BeeThe team writes about itself: "Our idea is to combine the tasty with the useful. By buying BeeThe products, you not only enjoy delicious honey but also help your grandparents feel needed. It tastes good! " And it really is! I have never eaten more delicious candies in my life! They have everything perfectly combined — quality dark chocolate, tasty and healthy filling, and of course the love of the people who created them!

Thank you for your work and love! Prosperity to your business!
Let more people know that good tastes good — the taste of BeeThe products!
Made of honey:
Law firm
Graphic Designer
Ihor Boyko
Roman Hayvanovych
Web Designer
Yuliya Buyakshina
Natural Cosmetics
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